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Welcome to the 7 Best Short Stories book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors. This edition is dedicated to the uruguayan author Horacio Quiroga. Horacio Quiroga was a playwright, poet, and short-story writer. He wrote stories which, in their jungle settings, used the supernatural and the bizarre to show the struggle of man and animal to survive. He also excelled in portraying mental illness and hallucinatory states, a skill he gleaned from Edgar Allan Poe, according to some critics. His influence can be seen in the Latin American magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez and the postmodern surrealism of Julio Cortázar. Works selected for this book: - How the Rays Defended the Ford; - The Story of Two Raccoon Cubs and Two Man Cubs; - The Parrot That Lost Its Tail; - The Blind Doe; - The Alligator War; - How the Flamingoes Got Their Stockings; - The Giant Tortoise’s Golden Rule. If you appreciate good literature, be sure to check out the other Tacet Books titles!