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ENFJ are extroverted, idealistic and charismatic; they tend to live in their imagination rather than in the real world. In this book you will find seven short stories specially selected to please the tastes of the ENFJ. These are stories by renowned authors that will surely bring reflections, insights and fun to people with this kind of personality. This book contains: - A Chameleon by Anton Chekhov. - The Ambitious Guest by Nathaniel Hawthorne. - The Country of the Blind by H. G. Wells. - The Phantom Coach by Amelia B. Edwards. - The Princess and the Puma by O. Henry. - Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy. - Paul's Case by Willa Cather. For more books that will suit you, be sure to check out our Two Classic Novels your Myers-Briggs Type Will Love collection! *** Cover image: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer, statesman and ENFJ.