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Aweber Marketing Tips

Aweber Marketing Tips


There was a time where if someone wanted to do business with you they had to try to get your attention through direct mail, telemarketing or face-to-face. The problem? Most of the time these marketing methods were completely unsolicited - they were “push,” as marketers pushed information to consumers. As a result, we often refer to these solicitations in a negative way and respond angrily. We use terms like:'Junk Mail'‘Harassment’'Snake Oil’So how is email marketing different? The major difference between email marketing and the other marketing methods is that people opt-in – or choose – to receive your marketing message. This is GOLDEN.It’s like an open-door invitation to share your information and expertise with your customers. That, my friend, is something you just can't pay for.Convinced it's time to pay attention to email marketing? Then let’s talk about where to start. In this report you're going to learn everything you need to know about starting your first email list with one of the most popular and best email software programs on the internet: Aweber.In this report we'll cover:1. What Is an Email List?2. How Do You Get Subscribers?3. Why Build an Email List?4. Why Use Aweber For Email Marketing?5. HTML or Text Messages or Both?6. How to Set up Your List & Opt-in Form in Aweber 7. How to Set Up an Autoresponder in Aweber8. How to Send a Broadcast in Aweber 9. How to Set up a Blog Broadcast in Aweber 10. Finding Targeted and Interested Subscribers 11. The Rules & Laws Around Col ecting Email Addresses 12. Email Marketing Statistics13. Show Me The Money - How to Make Money With Your Email List 3Recommendation: You’l get the greatest value from this report if you fol ow along in real time as we discuss these topics. Even better -- you can sign up for a trial that gives you Aweber access for 30 days for only $1. Grab that and learn as you go here:http://www.Aweber.comJust click 'order' and you'll see this:All signed up and ready to go? Great! Let’s get started.