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Chronicles of an Endless Time

Chronicles of an Endless Time


Chronicles of an Endless Time is a book about life in its broadest aspects.These are real stories lived by all of us, based on achievements, encounters, mismatches, love, hate, frustrations, conflicts and everything else that involves life.The development of some stories and their surprising end will lead the readers to take the place of some characters and analyze the facts seeking a plausible explanation.Dreams and ambitions depicted in some stories will be worthy of close examination due to their unexpected outcome.Although they were set at different times, it is clear that the human essence is the same regarding living and feeling, no matter when or where they took place.Chronicles of an Endless Time also tells stories that go beyond our borders and are set in other countries, revealing interesting facts about other cultures, but describing feelings that are shared by anyone and anywhere in the world.After reading each story, you will be astonished and you will certainly be encouraged to reflect upon life.I hope that these stories will bring inspiring examples to your daily life and reassure your soul!