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Diamonds Are Forgiving

Diamonds Are Forgiving


During the era of slavery in Brazil, the libertine son of a plantation owner is coerced by his father into marrying his half-sister. Some years later he dies and discovers that life continues after death. "Wow, that's a tough story to buy - you're not pulling my leg, are you? Could this all be a dream?" "I assure you it's not," the doctor declared firmly.The rake became introspective. He felt his body with his hands, touched the tree's roots, stomped his feet on the ground to check for firmness but everything felt absolutely normal. "Impossible; damned impossible," he murmured to himself. His companion smiled indulgently and gave him a brotherly pat on the shoulder. "You'll get used to it, friend, you'll see. From what I've learned, you, I and everybody else have been through this many times already, but in the beginning we can't remember the former experiences. You'll become adjusted, don't you worry..."Meanwhile, disowned by the family and raised by slaves, the offspring of the incestuous marriage runs away from home and ventures into the Land of Diamonds. Three months later he comes upon his first stone. It was only a mosquito of a diamond, next to nothing but for him, it held the magic spell of his first finding, his first diamond! "A diamond is always a diamond," the gem trader explained. "But these are almost worthless. Look here, look. See? This one is full of flaws. This one too. Almost all of them. They're only useful for industrial purposes. These little gems are no big deal. They're almost worthless." He selected a pair of stones with his forefinger: "These two here are 'fine water', but they're under a quarter of a carat. Too small. Less than a grain. Don't say I didn't warn you," the trader said. "Prospecting is no joke, my boy. It's tough as hell! If you want to give up..."In the hereafter, the libertine eventually becomes aware of his own death.