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Handling Sun and Sunburn Naturally

Handling Sun and Sunburn Naturally


Stop spending a ton of money on expensive sunscreens and lotions that are worth a couple of dollars PER application!!Is TOO MUCH Sunshine Hurting Your Health, and Making You Look Way Too Old?Are You Frightened That You Might Become Just a Fatal Statistic and Develop Cancer Because of Too Much Sun Exposure?Do You Sunburn Easily and Want All Natural Fast Relief From Sore, Red and Even Blistered Skin?Then you need to read-Handling the Sun and Sunburn NaturallyDeal with Sunburn and Protection From the Sun Without Feeling Greasy Or Wet and Itchy!Boost Your Body's Resistance to Cancer Causing Ultra Violet Light!Prevent Abnormal Skin Cells Due to Sunshine Finally and Forever!Never Fear Sitting In the Sun Again!!Learn How to Suntan Without Getting Cancer!Get Enough Vitamin D!It is obvious that you cannot get enough vitamin D without exposing yourself to some sunshine!That is why in Handling Sun and Sunburn Naturally I tell you how, in plain, easy-to-understand, every day language how to defend yourself against sunburn in all kinds of different situations!This includes advice about -.....