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How did an old man’s trip to the market to buy sh and vegetables lead to a chain of cause and eect events that would change the religious face of the world forever? Who was Paul of Tarsus? A fanatical Pharisee and ruthless persecutor of Christians and the newborn Christian doctrine? Or a being predestined by divine choice, who converted upon receiving the gift of the apparition of Jesus in a glorious vision at the gates of Damascus? is book will show the reader the greatness of Paul of Tarsus, a courageous, daring and sincere man, who repented for his radical posture that culminated in the stoning of Christianity’s rst martyr, Stephen, and who humbly undertook the accelerated revision of his ideas in answer to Jesus’ call. Amid persecutions, inrmities, mockery, disillusionment, desertions by friends, stonings, beatings and imprisonments, he transformed his life into an example of labor through dozens of years of struggle by founding churches and rendering them assistance. At some point in our lives, we all receive Christ’s call. What have we done? Paul and Stephen will enable the reader to understand how love erases a multitude of wrongs.