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Re-designing the smart future

Re-designing the smart future


The future has always intrigued us, packed with various fictions that since childhood gives us a repertoire to imagine this future as uncertain. Well, not so uncertain. The technology has provided a faster advance and, in many cases, things that seemed restricted to movie screens and cartoons are now available. While many fears a possible domination of machines upon humanity, many others say that technology will provide a leap in people's quality of life. The fact is that we have many uncertainties, but technology has already transformed our lives.In Re-Designing The Smart Future, André Telles introduces us to the smart world as a result of a long journey in which knowledge and coexistence made this reality possible, pointing out perspectives based on this process. Clearly and objectively, the book not only reveals this knowledge but also conceptualizes the theme, contextualizes the concepts, and makes them accessible to an audience increasingly interested in technology and innovation.