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Saints in jeans

Saints in jeans


About the Book Sainthood is not related to do Homeric deeds or to live in eternal penance into the cloister. Holiness is about to live Christ's truth and love in our daily life, with the Word of God as a compass in one's journey. We can be saints at College, at Gym, when we just stick around with our friends or relating to people on the Internet. Present time is urging for Saints who knows how to enjoy life and make the most of the good things the world has to offer, without being worldly. In this book Adriano Gonçalves shows us that holiness is reachable to everyone, youth included, who are challenged to live this holiness without renouncing their youth spirit, becoming the generation of "Saints in Jeans". About the author Adriano Gonçalves dos Santos, from Minas Gerais State (MG) is a member of New Song Community. He studied philosophy at Institute of the community and serves on TV Canção Nova as presenter and producer of the show Jesus Revolution. More than one program, the Jesus Revolution is a mission that challenges young people to be holy while being young. Thus, we propose a new generation: the generation of Saints in Jeans.