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The senior years don't have to be stressful...Discover How You Can Make Your Senior Years As Golden as Possible!Many senior citizens look forward to enjoying their retirement years, but instead find themselves plagued with many difficulties.Of course there are some things that happen that are beyond their control, but some of the problems can be made less difficult or avoided altogether with the proper knowledge and planning.Some of the difficulties they face involve finances, health issues, where to live, how to deal with long term care.Should they move into a Assisted Living home or can they maintain their independence while living alone?What happens when a senior citizen finds they can no longer drive themselves around or perhaps dress themselves?It's important to learn the ins and outs of the investment process in addition to the options that are available to you through-out the course of your own financial retirement planning. Here's a sample of what's covered in the 'Senior Citizen Living' guide.Healthy Eating for SeniorsFinancial PlanningStretching your dollarsSenior Citizen Home MakeoverCoping with incontinenceGetting connected to the InternetTaking Your MedicationsWriting a Will....