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The Awakening of Movement With the Ball

The Awakening of Movement With the Ball


The book The Awakening of Ball Movement brings to the reader the story of discovery and self-knowledge through an unprecedented vision of how to use the Swiss ball, and tells the story and creation of the Samiball® method, which was first inspired by the ancient philosophy of yoga and, later, in dance, capoeira and board sports (surfing and kite surfing). The book addresses, in an innovative and original way, the influence and applicability of the method on rehabilitation / physical therapy and functional training. The book is very didactic and illustrative, and it contains various postures on the ball, anatomical drawings, photographs of nature and the Samiball® method, which makes reading light and enjoyable. The work was divided into 10 chapters in which the author, besides telling the history of the creation of the Samiball® method, briefly approached the history of Swiss ball, yoga, dance, capoeira, kinesiology and kinesiotherapy; as well as addressing the applicability of the Samiball® method as a form of treatment, providing two scientific summaries that he produced in his college years; Finally, it deals with the relationship of the method with sports (surfing and kite surfing).