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25 Superfoods That Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

25 Superfoods That Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is often referred to as 'the silent killer'. High blood pressure or hypertension affects millions of people all around the world. It can be as a result of lifestyle, genetic or happen for no apparent reason at all. The medical profession has to deal with high blood pressure issues on a daily basis doing their best to stope people from having a heart attack or stroke. Drugs are often prescribed to combat hypertension and keep it under control. Some of these drugs have unpleasant side effects and can make a person feel unwell. Author Russ Brandon suffered with pre-hypertension with a BP reading over 145/90. He was given a couple of months to try and bring his blood pressure down and chose to do everything he could to ensure that blood pressure drugs would not become part of his daily routine. Exercise and a sensible diet were the start but then he decided to research food types that had lowering blood pressure level benefits for people who suffered from hypertension. His levels are now normal even though he suffers from a bit of 'white coat syndrome' - a nervous and anxious reaction to seeing a medical professional. '25 Superfoods That Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure' is the result of his research. Each food type has blood pressure lowering constituents and the research to back it up. A sensible diet, not smoking, low alcohol consumption all help with lowering blood pressure to health and normal levels ,but, so does having the right sort of diet. Discover the superfoods that could stop you having to take blood pressure drugs or prevent you from ever being prescribed them in this short book packed with useful evidence and facts. If in doubt about any of the 'superfoods' and what effect they may have on your body you should always consult a medical professional.