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Welcome to the 7 Best Short Stories book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors. This edition is dedicated to George Ade. George Ade's greatest recognition came with Fables in Slang, a national best-seller that was followed by a weekly syndicated fable and by 11 other books of fables. The fables, which contained only a little slang, were, rather, examples of the vernacular. This books contains: - The Fable of the Preacher Who Flew His Kite, But Not Because He Wished to Do So. - The Fable of the Two Mandolin Players and His Willing Performer. - The Fable of the Parents Who Tinkered with the Offspring. - The Fable of the Man Who Didn't Care for Storybooks. - The Fable of the Kid Who Shifted His Ideal. - The Fable of How Uncle Brewster was Too Shifty for the Tempter. - The Fable of Lutie, the False Alarm, and How She Finished about the Time that She Started. If you appreciate good literature, be sure to check out the other Tacet Books titles!