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A compilation of anabolic and nutritionnal supplements

A compilation of anabolic and nutritionnal supplements


Whether you are veteran to anabolics or just beginning you’ll find a wealth of knowledge about steroids in the pages that follow. All of the information that you’ll find here is either popular fact-based opinions from members of the elite board or from informative articles by doctors and pharmaceutical companies.In any event this information was pulled together, mostly to help newbies, start their journey with steroids down the informative path. And also to help alleviate some of the fundamental questions about steroids that get asked repeatedly on the board. Within these pages you’ll find:

• A Guide to Some Vitamins and Minerals & Supplements To Take
• An Introduction Into Advanced Dieting
• A complete guide to STEROID PROFILES
• A Chart Comparing and Rating Different Steroids and Uses
• How To Administer an Injection

As more information becomes available to me, (This is mostly for the veterans) I will gladly add them to these pages. So if you have any info to add please send them to me. Thanks. Gear Monster

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