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A Magical Moment

A Magical Moment


The beautiful Lencia is the image of her dear departed Mama – and so is still the apple of the eye of the widowed Earl of Armeron. Knowing how profoundly Lencia and younger sister Alice are missing their mother, their father promises to take them to see the fabulous historic Châteaux of the Loire Valley in France – of which the most exciting and impressive of all is Chaumont. But to their chagrin, their hopes are dashed when the Earl returns from a trip to the South of France with a new wife on his arm – a stepmother who sees Lencia’s beauty as competition for her husband’s attention. Nevertheless, the sisters have their hearts set on their French adventure and set off in secret, Lencia disguised in her late mother’s clothes and make-up to look like an older Society lady. By chance, they happen to meet along the way the dashingly handsome Duc de Montrichard, owner of Chaumont, who invites them there to stay! And soon, while Alice’s heart is fit to burst with excitement as they explore his fairy-tale world, Lencia’s if filled with love for the dashing Duc. But, tragically, it seems that love is doomed since it is based on deceit!