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In this inspiring autobiography, Benjamin Franklin not only recounts a significant portion of his beautiful and successful life but also shares his personal formula for success. Franklin advocated sacrifice, hard work, thrift, frugality, and continuous education as determinants for individual and collective prosperity. Franklin's basic idea that, no matter who you are, with hard work and thrift, you can achieve prosperity and greatness fully embodies the "American dream." For all those involved in business development or collective projects, reading this ebook is highly recommended. Franklin tells us how he created and encouraged numerous enterprises in his city, Philadelphia, in the then colony of Pennsylvania, and in his country. Just to name a few of the enterprises initiated by him: the first library, the first book club, the first militia, the first hospital in Philadelphia, and often in the United States. Franklin was the epitome of an honest, upright, and competent entrepreneur in both public administration and in the private management of his printing press and newspaper. Benjamin Franklin will forever be a great example of a citizen, entrepreneur, and public figure.