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The bilingual collection Embalagem Melhor, Mundo Melhor – Better Packaging, Better World - which already has twelve books - was born from the idea of covering all areas of knowledge involved in the development of packaging, from its conception to its arrival at the point of sale. It is also the result of the Instituto de Embalagens' belief: Better Packaging, Better World, which is its raison d'être, in the area of packaging teaching and research. More than 17,000 professionals have already been trained with the books in the collection. The third edition, revised and updated, brings together the entire packaging system, from concepts to final disposal, including market, design, trends, innovations, materials, processes, equipment and the delicate issue of sustainability. Divided into six units, this book brings new chapters, such as packaging for organic products, packaging for e-commerce, polyester films, structures for flexible packaging, types of flexible packaging, lids, seals and accessories, steel closures, carton packaging, stretch and shrink films, coatingsand barrier varnishes, paints, varnishes and adhesives for flexible packaging, inks, varnishes and adhesives for paper and paperboard packaging, color pattern control, testing for packaging, variable weight products and labeling machines. The quality and availability of the authors, who are experienced professionals, fully active in the industry, constitute a differential of the book, which approaches, in a simple and accessible way, the universe of the packaging industry for packaging converters and consumer products industries. A book such as this was only possible thanks to the expertise of the authors and the fact that they understood the high purpose of the mission to educate and share knowledge for the development of better packaging for a better world. The new book will also have an e-book version: Portuguese and English. All the books in the collection are available on the same website platform, which is the collection's channel: With the commitment of disseminating knowledge and growth of the packaging sector, the Instituto de Embalagens is spreading its belief: Better Packaging, Better World. Assunta Napolitano Camilo Instituto de Embalagens Director