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Complete Guide to Twitter Traffic

Complete Guide to Twitter Traffic


Introduction To Twitter Profits 
It's likely that you've heard of Twitter, and perhaps you've even tried to become an active member of this incredibly popular information network. With Twitter, people within the community post what are referred to as 'tweets'. Tweets are short messages and updates that people send out to everyone who chooses to follow them. Each time a tweet is submitted, it shows up on the public timeline, and is pushed down as other, new tweets are circulated throughout the network. And while Twitter requires consistent activity in order to really take full advantage of its incredible resources, you can begin building a targeted list in little time, while generating a massive 'following' of those who are interested in receiving your updates. Within the twitter community, people who choose to add you as a contact are referred to as 'followers', and similar to a mailing list, each follower can be considered a 'lead'. This is yet another way that growing a twitter following is similar to building an effective mailing list. Each follower you receive should be interested in the niche market you are catering to, so building massive following bases isn't the way to go. Instead, you want to build QUALITY lists of followers that are genuinely interested in your broadcasts and likely to respond to your offers and messages. Think about twitter in a similar way as you would when building a mailing list or newsletter base. If you have 100 targeted leads who have decided to subscribe to your ezine and actively respond to your offers, and on another list you have 1,000 leads who are not genuinely interested in what you are offering, which list do you believe would produce the best results or will be easier to monetize?