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Education and Innovation

Education and Innovation


Innovation is a process built by many hands and its definition makes it very clear that innovation is linked to practice, bringing benefits to something or someone. Education and innovation are a duo that is still going strong, but has a lot to gain. After all, being able to think about education and the teaching and learning process through the lens of "what can I do differently?" is an opportunity to bring new ideas to a space that inspires this kind of attention and care. Being in a society that increasingly consumes technologies, develops new tools, where information doubles in size every 12 hours, the creation of automation resources grows by leaps and bounds, in short, innovation as a product, service and process is everywhere, demands a different need from us educators. That's why talking about education and innovation together, thinking practically, about how all this can change the way we act, is a subject that arises with a certain urgency. That's why this book was written for you who want to understand not only what innovation in education is, but also want to learn about methods we can use, see real examples of these methods applied, and plan for change. Because by the end of this chat, you'll certainly be out of the box.