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Welcome to the Essays collection. A special selection of the nonfiction prose from influential and noteworthy authors. This book brings some of best essays of Oscar Wilde, across a wide range of subjects, including art, literature, politics and many more topics. Known for his biting wit, extravagant dandy attire, conversational skills, and witty sayings rich in sarcasm, irony, and cynicism, Wilde became one of the most famous personalities of his time. Many of his most relevant works were published by Tacet Books. The book contains the following texts: - Introduction by Edmund Gosse;- The Soul of Man Under Socialism; - A Few Maxims For The Instruction Of The Over-Educated; - The Rise Of Historical Criticism; - The English Renaissance Of Art; - House Decoration; - Art And The Handicraftsman; - Lecture To Art Students; - London Models.