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Get ready for your IVF

Get ready for your IVF


There is a limiting belief around in vitro fertilization (IVF) that must be reframed: the idea that it is only a technical, difficult, painful and artificial process. IVF is another one of those wonderful proofs of God's love towards us.
 Therefore, it is nothing but a christic alternative to enable men and women to achieve their paternity and maternity dreams. It was from this perspective that the author, Gabriela Lacerda, a former trying woman and mother of
 two children via assisted reproductions, shares with her readers a spiritual perspective about the most advanced treatment for couples who have difficulty to get pregnant. In this book, she talks about the metaphysical teachings that were essential to achieve her much-dreamed-of positive in her first in vitro fertilization attempt, giving life to her son Gael, and again, three years later, from the transfer of a single frozen embryo that enabled the arrival of her second son, Benício. What may be seen as good fortune from a distance, for her, who experienced it with a lot of energy, it was the certainty that there was a spirituality watching over every detail of her journey as a conscious trying woman. The one that goes beyond physical symptoms and scarcity thoughts. The one that acknowledges that life goes beyond the visible, the material world. Welcome to the wonderful world of assisted reproduction from a spiritual perspective. Read each page with an open heart. It is safe to get pregnant easily via in vitro fertilization.