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Glass Packaging

Glass Packaging


At a time when society started to naturally value the circular economy, many people began to rethink the use of glass packaging. This is an interesting return to concepts once lost in the process of popularization of ready-to-drink products. Because it is inert (it does not change the flavor, smell, or color of the packaged product, thus contributing to consumers' health), glass packaging has gained prominence along with the wellness trend. In addition, flint containers also have the benefit of being transparent while the amber ones provide a barrier to light. In the perfumery segment, more than smell, the success of new fragrances depends on the design of the glass bottle. Some say that it is necessary to design the bottle with emotional ingredients, which encourage the consumer to see in the product an object of desire, before trying the fragrance. Glass packaging also delivers glamour and refinement to famous brands of spirits, premium mineral waters, and food. All types of packaging have their functions and applications and, of course, characteristics that differentiate them and make them more suitable for different moments of consumption. Glass packaging has a UNIQUE condition of reducing environmental impact: IT IS RETURNABLE. Glass has been present in packaging since the beginning. It is one of the oldest packaging materials in our history and, from the start, the fact that it is returnable, even before being reusable, makes it environmentally friendly. That is especially true when we can restrict the geographic area of supply. The reverse logistics process must be economically and environmentally sustainable, not to mention the social aspect. This solution democratizes consumption among people with lower available income because products are more competitive and, therefore, consumers can afford them. In addition, the sector continues to invest in the use of recycled content and to conduct studies on reducing the weight of bottles. Better Glass Packaging. Better World!