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Graphic Films Collection - Woman In the Moon – Act 2

Graphic Films Collection - Woman In the Moon – Act 2


Graphic novel in 3 volumes with over 270 pages. Woman in the Moon is a 1929 German science fiction film directed by Fritz Lang. Written by Thea von Harbou (his wife at the time) in collaboration with Lang. The visionary scientist Professor Mannfeldt wrote a treatise claiming that there was likely to be a lot of gold on the Moon, for which he was ridiculed by his colleagues. Your friend Helius recognizes the value of the teacher's work. However, an unscrupulous businessman named Turner also has an interest in the professor's theory. Meanwhile, Helius' assistant Windegger announces his engagement to Helius' assistant Friede, whom he, Helius, secretly loves. After meeting Professor Mannfeldt, Helius is assaulted by gang thugs. They steal the research Professor Mannfeldt had entrusted to Helius and also raid Helius' house, taking other valuable material. Turner then presents Helius with an ultimatum: they know he's planning a trip to the Moon; either he includes him, or he will sabotage your rocket. Explosions... Twists... Lots of action... Several curiosities surround this work, one of them is that it was believed at the time that the Moon had a breathable atmosphere (according to the theories of the Danish astronomer Peter Andreas Hansen, mentioned at the beginning of the film), so when I watched the film I realized how poetic it can be. something as surreal as being able to breathe on the moon. It was also the first time that a staged rocket was shown. It was the last silent film directed by Fritz Lang and decidedly a reference for filmmakers to come later.