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Hiring and Keeping The Right Employee

Hiring and Keeping The Right Employee


Hiring the right person for the job at hand is important to the smooth operation of your business and to the morale of the other employees. There is nothing worse for you, your company, or the new person that is being hired than to find out that fit of person and personality to the job is just not going to work. The new hire will leave under less than optimal conditions, existing employees will begin to jump ship or you will be left with the unpleasant task of firing the person you just hired. Firing is probably the most painfully conclusion for all the parties involved. The ability to hire the right person for the right job is not something most managers are born being able to do. It is a learned process that could take years to perfect. Along the way it is important to use the knowledge and experience of the people that have gone before your. Read articles on the art of hiring. Find classes on communications and interviewing tips. Learn all you can to become the person that can hire and keep the right people on a consistent basis. Not only is the process of hiring a complicated and time consuming task, but it can mean the difference between tranquility and disaster in your company. Hiring the wrong person for the job can snowball into existing employees becoming unsatisfied and choosing to move on. It could result in loss of customers or clients. The wrong person can mean that you have to start the hiring process all over again (only multiplied). To avoid the hire then fire syndrome, you need to take steps to ensure the person you choose for the position is a right fit. In order to stay on target you need to be prepared, be sure to understand the position and the other people, use all the tools available to you, and understand the interview process from top to bottom. You have to be willing to invest time and money into the pre-screening process, the interview and the final evaluation. The hiring process might be expensive, but it is nothing compared to the expense of training a new employee only to have that employee quit (or to have other existing employees walk away) with little or no notice. The hiring process is an art and a science that can no be rushed. It is not something that should happen on a whim. It can take quite a bit of time and effort to prepare properly for a round of interviews. It is important that you start as early as possible so you don’t get caught in a time crunch. Rushing a decision is what leads most people into making the wrong choice. When it comes to hiring, patience and preparation are invaluable tools. There are basically ten steps that you should follow when you are in need of a new employee – either for an existing position or for one that is being created within the company. These steps are designed to help you identify the right person for the position and follow up with ways to keep the same employee for the long term.