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The work "Justine: The Misfortunes of Virtue" was produced by the Marquis de Sade in the year 1787. The initial milestone of Justine's misfortunes is the death of her father, the loss of the family fortune, and the attempts of the governess to lead her and her sister, Juliette, into a life outside the law. Juliette accepts the fate to which the governess points, but Justine's refusal leads her to flee. Throughout Justine's journey, spanning from the age of 12 to 26, vice proves inseparable from virtue, both as a result of the incessantly undertaken escape. At each stage, a mark is inflicted upon the protagonist, with the clergy, aristocracy, merchants, judiciary, wealthy, and powerful invariably appearing as actors in the circus of obscenities where the other is reduced to an object of their will. In the emblematic ending, where the Marquis de Sade illustrates his philosophy of life, the stories of the sisters intersect once again, prompting reflection from the reader.