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King of Vampires in the Ukraine War

King of Vampires in the Ukraine War


The 13 illuminati families formed by bankers are well known, but there are other 13 families of this draconian and capensi DNA that are not well known by the people.El mundo yace in the dark.The prince of this world controls the human race and he is the Dajjal, but he controls the new Orden, the Orden de los Escorpiones. In fact, it is not old, it comes from Caine, but now it has been remodeled since 1962 with the birth of several hybrids with demons that fight for the chaos.The Dajjal wants to rule the world, but since it comes from the new Orden, from the old Orden de los Illuminati with headquarters in New York and Europe, it needs to play with this, play with the geopolitics of the world and the easiest way to do it. to make it is to create a war.Then, on February 24, 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke out and the chaos took place.The New Orden was told that he was losing control over the world and reacted with strong sanctions against Russia, but Russia is not alone, the scorpions of the New Orden are behind.They concentrate their powers in the countries of the East, Africa and South America and now the trade war with Europe and the USA is formed and a new stage on the planet begins.