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Lost Laughter

Lost Laughter


Renowned for his lavish lifestyle and a roving eye, Valient, Viscount Ockley, is completely bowled over by heiress Niobe Barrington. But it’s not just for her dazzling beauty that he pursues he with such ardour – for although he lives like a King, it’s all on credit. In reality he’s all but bankrupt and only by marrying into money can he hope to restore his ruined house to its former glory. But Niobe’s father, Sir Aylmer, won’t hear of it and arranges for Niobe to marry the ‘old and horrid’ Marquess of Porthcawl! When Niobe breaks this news, Valient storms from her house in a rage, threatening to marry the first woman he meets rather than let anyone know that she has humiliated him – As he drives away in his phaeton he meets the woman he will marry – an 18 year old beauty who has stowed away under a blanket at his feet, Niobe’s cousin Jemima Barrington, who fleeing the abuse she suffers at Sir Aylmer’s hands. And so, in a sudden marriage of convenience, the ’wrong’ Barrington becomes the new Viscountess Ockley causing outrage and consternation among all but Jemima, who is already in love. The question is, will the Viscount ever overcome the his love for her cousin?