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Networks of Creation - construction of works of art

Networks of Creation - construction of works of art


The process of creation, with the help of Peircean semiotics, can be described as a fallible movement with tendencies, sustained by the logic of uncertainty, encompassing the intervention of chance, opening a space for the introduction of new ideas, a process where regression and progression are infinite. In Unfinished Gesture, we highlighted the uncertain and indeterminate trends that guide artists in their tireless quest for the construction of works that satisfy their major poetic project; a construction strongly influenced by communication issues. The artists’ quest finds its possible materializations in complex work construction processes. In a second stage, the creative path was focused under five viewpoints, such as: transforming action, translational movement, knowledge process, construction of artistic truths, and experimentation path.
To readers of Unfinished Gesture, it will be clear that many themes are taken up again, under other perspectives, from what was discussed earlier. Therefore, the familiar passages or quotes were recovered. My inevitable networking reflections interact in an attempt to expand its field of action."