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Paradiplomacy Reviews

Paradiplomacy Reviews


English version of the book "Cadernos de Paradiplomacia" published by Wesley Sá Teles Guerra, expert in paradiplomacy with experience working for the Government of Catalonia and the Galicia Region (Spain). PHd Candidate in Sociology and Changes in Contemporary Society, Master in Social Policies and Migrations, Master in Management and Planning of Smart Cities, Postgraduate in International Relations and Political Science and MBA in Marketing.
 This book is a compilation of articles about the international action of cities and subnations, as well as the expansion of smart cities and their international action from a national perspective and through examples such as Catalonia and other regions.
 Since the emergence of Paradiplomacy, at the end of World War II, it was used as a tool to establish links and synergies between different regions of the world and as a way to make official diplomacy more flexible and agile, and it is a growing trend that has added new actors on the international scene and a new level in international relations."