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Reiki For A Healthier Lifestyle

Reiki For A Healthier Lifestyle


Lynne Mackenzie is a qualified Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master and an Angelic Reiki Master. 'Reiki For A Healthier Lifestyle' is a new book that not only explains to the reader what Reiki is and how it is of benefit to people from all walks of life BUT how it can help alleviate all sorts of health issues. Lynne challenges the reader to forget all preconceptions of Reiki and alternative therapies and explains in details how Reiki works on the human body. Reiki is one of the most exciting healing energies of modern time even though it has been practised for a long while. Human energy is called 'Ki' and any blockages of this universal life force withing the body and mind can adversly affect a persons wellbeing.A good comparison is a light-bulb that flickers or breaks if the supply of electricity is interfered with, so it is the same with the energy within the body. Lynne explains how Reiki can help simple complaints like headaches, general pain and discomfort through to managing anger, emotions, stress and anxiety. A body with negative energy responds well to Reiki treatment and this therapy can help with conditions such as depression, MS and is a most beneficial addition to medical treatment for conditions such as cancer.Curing and healing are two completely different things and for a body to be cured of many conditions the healing process must be restored and Reiki aims to help this process. Lynne answers Reiki safety questions, can anyone recieve Reiki treatment , explains the bodies Chakras that control our life force and shares case studies from her clients to explain the benefits of Reiki for good health.She answers the critics who claim Reiki is just a placebo and explains the bodies response to everyday ilnesses and complaints from I.B.S through to migraines, allergies and many more common complaints. 'Reiki For A Healthier Lifestyle' is a complimentary, spiritual book that explains how this accepted form of therapy works in conjunction with any exsisting medical advice a patient may be following from a medical practitoner. Reiki therapy can help with so many conditions and complaints that a person can suffer with and this book - her first on the subject - aims to explain why Reiki is a safe, practical and effective treatment for better and continued good health.