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Rigoletto the Novel

Rigoletto the Novel


With its engaging prose and realistic scenes, flavoured throughout with spicy sensuality, Rigoletto is an adventure that blends suspense with politics and humour, intriguing the reader with its behind-the-scenes revelations of a cruise ship run by a crew of diverse nationalities. May 2012. At the end of its Brazilian cruise season, the crowded Rigoletto departs for Europe. Shortly after it leaves port in Brazil for the last time, the first of a series of strange and mysterious deaths occurs aboard the ship. The Dutch commander and other officers struggle to suppress the news of these grisly events while they attempt to solve the mystery. A beautiful journalist in her thirties and a judge in his fifties discover what's happening, and are determined to help. The carnage continues as the ship reaches the middle of the Atlantic.All clues lead nowhere until evidence emerges that the masterminds may actually be some powerful Brazilian politicians...