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The Brazilian New Economy

The Brazilian New Economy



Globalization and the massification of technology generate opportunities for new business to emerge and for the transformation of the traditional business people into entrepreneurs. Startups and corporations that noticed this movement are shaping the New Economy, while the most traditional companies remain static, living in the past. The old Brazil allowed poor services and artificial results to perpetuate, but now the dynamic has changed.

It seems obvious to say that the world has changed since we entered the information and telecommunication age. By scrolling our smartphone screen, we have the power to transform an entire battlefield. We are always one innovation away from finding out that everything we know has become obsolete. Data has turned into the most valuable coin for companies. This is the age of the New Economy.

In this turbulent and dynamic scenario, remaining stuck to old practices and paradigms can mean being swallowed up by businesses aligned with the principles of constant innovation. Mastering the new rules will define who remains in the market. To avoid the risk of being undertaken by the avalanche of information in this new world, Diego Barreto, Finance and Strategy Vice President at iFood, will teach us how to navigate the New Economy and to use the new reality to our advantage.

With this book, you will learn:

  • What is the New Economy and why is it taking shape in Brazil;
  • How to identify Old Economy practices that are harming your business;
  • Why meritocracy of ideas, diversity & inclusion, sustainability, radical transparency and conscious capitalism are key factors to the success of companies;
What are the