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The Future of Hybrid Cars

The Future of Hybrid Cars


Hybrid Cars! Man! Is that a HOT topic right now! There are some good reasons why hybrids are so hot. If you’ve pulled your present car or SUV or truck up next to a gas pump and inserted the nozzle, you know exactly what I mean! I written this book to give you some basic information on some things you may have been wondering about. I’m sure, if you’ve even thought about a hybrid car, you’ve probably asked yourself the following questions: Just What IS A Hybrid Car? Why Should I Be Interested In Hybrid Cars? Is A Hybrid Car For Me? How Does A Hybrid Car Work? Do I Have To Drive Differently? Do They REALLY Save Gas? How Can I Get The Best Gas Mileage? What’s The Future For Hybrid Cars? I’ve answered all of those questions and more in this great little book. It isn’t a technical manual. By any means. This book is meant to answer your general questions, give you a general overview of hybrid cars and prepare you to decide if you want to explore them further. Some people think that hybrid cars can make a HUGE difference in our world, while others think they’re just a passing trend. This book will help you sort out how you feel and what to do next, if you like what you read.Enjoy, learn a little, and get to know all about hybrid cars!