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The Soul of Matter

The Soul of Matter


This book provides guidelines for evaluatingthecontribution of Spiritism to health. It is based on conferences presented in six European countries in October 2002 on the following themes: Principles of Spiritist Medicine and Bioethics, Perispirit, The Reincarnation Process, and Human Cloning. This book emphasizes the integral being: Spirit-matter, the complexity of subtle bodies, new concepts of health and illnesses, anamnesis and pathogenesis, and the integration of Spirituality into medical treatments highlighting the healing power of faith and love. It answers serious questions about Human Cloning, such as: "is it acceptable toclonepeople or to produce human embryos and then use them as a source for various tissues?". This book proposes a definitive union between Health and Spirituality in response to man's aspirations and scientific pursuits.What is the contribution of Spiritism to Medicine?Should people be cloned?Shouldhumanembryosbeproduced? This book answer these questions and many others, presenting topics such as•Principles of Spiritist Medicine and Bioethics•Human Cloning•Constitution of the PerispiritWith them emerges an integral view of the Human Being: Spirit-matter. In pathological cases, it relates biological, social and psychological factors, but above all, the spiritual ones; in processes of cure, it mobilizes all available resources as well as those which are linked to the soul and its essence: faith, prayer and love.