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Venus in India

Venus in India


Charles Devereaux or "Captain Charles Devereaux" is a pseudonym believed to most likely belong to Major Crommelin Henry Ricketts, who retired from the 5th Cavalry Regiment (Madras Staff Corps) in 1871 after 21 years of service. With a rich multicultural background, Deveraux brings authenticity to his stories filled with sensations. The erotic novel "Venus in India," also known as "Love Adventures in Hindustan," was originally published in Amsterdam in 1889. It is a bold work by Deveraux that transports readers on an engaging journey through the most intimate recesses of human desires. The plot revolves around characters who find themselves in an exotic and captivating setting in colonial India. While exploring the limits of pleasure and passion, the characters are involved in a dance of desires that challenge social conventions. The work caused a sensation and deep controversies at the time of its release. It is an extremely exciting adventure that will certainly captivate the reader.